Westbridge Group Valuation Partner

Westbridge Group Valuation Partner is the leading provider of appraisal and consulting services to the seniors housing and health care industry in Western Canada. We conduct between 80 and 130 valuations annually and specialize exclusively in this field. Through an affiliated organization in Eastern Canada, we can also support our clients’ interests nationally.

At one time or another, we have appraised nearly every for-profit facility in British Columbia. We have been prominent in this field since the early 1990’s, operating previously as Duncan Elliott Appraisal Group. We have a commanding knowledge of the seniors housing and health care market and maintain the most exhaustive database.

We are highly respected for the quality of our work, our comprehensive knowledge, our attention to detail, our forward approach, and our professionalism. We have a dedicated and productive team that works well to preserve our reputation and focus on providing the best service to our clients. We also have a vast network of contacts throughout the industry. These contacts are respected leaders in their fields and professionals in the industry who can assist with market studies/analysis, government liaison, project development, operational restructuring, and marketing.

Our experienced and skilled staff, ongoing research and high-level collaborations with others ensure our ability to be at the forefront of emerging health care trends, models and issues.