Westbridge Group Valuation Partner


– “Love working with you and your team. Know that everything you do is exceptionally high quality.”

– “Thanks again for your work on this, I wish we had done this step much earlier, may have been able to take advantage of your insight.”

– “SUPER SERVICE – I wish all the people I deal with were like you!”

– “in Westbridge we trust.”

– “Wow – excellent report and a great turnaround.”

– “I have just…had an opportunity to go through the report you created for [us]. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with it. I realize some of the things were in the spreadsheets but somehow the report is just so much more impressive. Thank you for doing such a comprehensive analysis, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and learned a lot about [our facility]. Thanks again for doing it so quickly and providing us with such an in-depth and knowledgeable analysis of our property. I will be sharing this with our Board who I am convinced will also be impressed.”

– “Steve, thanks for getting this done for us on short notice.  We really appreciate your professionalism and commitment to outstanding client service!”

– Regarding our tax appeal services: “Thank you for your very professional and caring attention and services provided to us in this regard.”

– “I thank you for thinking outside the box… to ensure our properties could show their best values…”

– “You provide a great service to all of us – thanks for your expertise, commitment and friendship.”

– Regarding our April 2011 newsletter: “Thanks for the report. It’s the best research on the subject that I have seen.”

– Regarding our April 2011 newsletter: “…fantastic job! Very professional, excellent presentation, important information.”

– “Thank you for the amazing service and the quick response.”

– “I have always respected your expertise in the senior’s retirement, residential and care appraisal field and we are very appreciative of the advice you have provided to us over the years.”

– “We truly appreciate having your industry knowledge being put to use on such a pivotal issue for the entire Seniors Housing [industry].”

– “You are an All Star for all that you are contributing to this industry.”

– Regarding our Q2 2010 Vacancy Rate Survey: “Thanks for sending this info…very informative and helpful. You continue to provide excellence in the data that comes through your office.”

– Regarding our June 2008 Seminar: “You and Kate put together a great conference with informative speakers and attendees I need to talk to. It was a real buzz and an honour being a participant and it is my participation I will remember… Most of the attendees could have been speakers so I am humbled you picked me. Thanks for putting this on. It was the best seniors housing conference I have ever been to. Short, timely, germane, great networking and easy to get to.”

– “We have been dealing with, and recommending Duncan Elliott Appraisers for almost 20 years, because we have found them to be the industry leader particularly in the field of seniors’ residences and care properties. They know every element of this complex business, including how licensing and funding operates within the Health Authorities; and we believe that they are considered the pre-eminent source of valuation among all principal lenders.”

– “Rita and Steve’s comprehensive analysis of seniors housing is unparalleled in the industry.”